Feel free to contact us regarding any custom wedding invition inquiries or questions you may have outside of our frequently asked questions below.

We love to hear that! Head on over to the Contact tab to fill out our email formand we’ll get back with you as quickly as possible. Please note at certain times we might be very busy so it might take a couple of days to hear back, but don’t worry we’re interested in hearing all about your wedding or event!
This is a tricky one. A great amount of detail and time goes into creating each custom order. We use high-end materials and create unique designs catered to each client's desires. Many factors reflect the cost of your invitations, including the quantity of your order, number of letterpress colors (remember we can only print one color at a time, so the more colors you have, the more expensive your invites become), weight of paper and other details, such as custom dies, tags, belly bands, envelope liners, ribbons or other extras that will make your invitations totally unique. Since every invitation suite is different, we craft every estimate to suit your needs. A basic invitation suite would include your ceremony invitation, RSVP card + envelope, reception or details card and outer envelope. For a quantity of 100 this would start at $1,800 and would not include an envelope liner, postage or calligraphy. Most of our clients end up spending from $3,000 to $5,000. Please read more about our process below or contact us for a quote for your unique invitation so you can decide if we are the right fit for you.
First, we’ll set up an initial meeting or call to hear all about your event and design needs. Once we make sure we’re all on the same page as far as budget, we’ll give you a detailed quote based on our conversation/email which will include quantity, thickness of paper, number of ink colors, size of invitation and any extras such as envelope liner, inner envelope, belly bands, tags, die cut shape etc. Once we get all the nitty gritty out of the way and received your approval on the quote, we’ll send an invoice for 50% of the cost which we’ll use to purchase all of the supplies we’ll need to create you invitation. Then we get down to the part we love the best creating your perfect invitation. We normally show 2-3 design options for you to look at. We’ll send an email proof of the designs for your perusal.Just get back to us with your input and we’ll tweak until you’re happy and sign off on the final design. We always recommend printing out your proof and taking a keen eye to it, have your roommate, mom, or coworker look too. You are 100% responsible for all proofreading and content in your invitation. Any errors caught after the approval can be fixed and reprinted but at the cost of the client. We are happy to meet with you to show you different papers that we are proposing, or we can drop a little swatch in the mail to you so you can look at your convenience. Once we have the invitation design where you are happy with it, we go to print. Then the next time you see your invitation they are all ready to be mailed out to your friends and family. We’re happy to do the stuffing, stamping, mailing portion to for a small fee. And we have several wonderful calligraphers we love to work with and can coordinate the addressing of your envelopes to – just ask for a quote for calligraphy.
Of course! We’re lucky enough to work with various event planners in Dallas who bring us various types of work from annual galas to birthday parties. Contact us to tell us more about your event and we’ll be glad to come up with amazing and unique ideas.
The entire process from first meeting (or phone call) to mailing out finished invitations can take about 6-8 weeks. This can depend greatly on the scope of the project.
Definitely. Once we’re to that point, we’ll send you a few design options as a digital proof via email for your approval. Options will be tweaked until you’re happy and sign off on the final design. We always recommend printing out your proof and taking a keen eye to it, have your roommate, mom, or coworker look too. You are 100% responsible for all proofreading and content in your invitation. Any errors caught after the approval can be fixed and reprinted but at the cost of the client.
We’re sorry; unfortunately as a boutique studio we only have the time for our clients and our work.
It’s great that you’re looking around at websites – we are eager to see any inspirational images you’ve collected, and not just of paper goods. We aim to please and want you to be over the moon with your invites, but keep in mind that we respect the ideas that other designers have taken the time to create and therefore can only take your suggestions into consideration. As part of the creative community, we’ve taken a silent oath for respecting the rights and property of others. It doesn’t mean we don’t want to see images that you’ve collected – we are psyched to see them! We just can’t directly copy a design that someone else has already made.
We’re happy to do assemble your invitations for you! We charge a small fee for our time to stuff, stamp, seal and see your invitations off to the post office, where we always request hand canceling. If we’ve created an invitation suite for you that is rather extensive in the department of assembly and production – for example an invitation suite that involves belly bands, folding, scoring, fabulous enclosures, die cut pieces, ribbons, tags, exact placement of certain objects, or other procedures that would require the fastidious attention of an OCD paper specialist to handle, we will build your assembly fee into your estimate.
We always recommend using a calligrapher for invitations, it’s the very first impression your guests will see in their mailbox and we know the very best in town! Some of our favorites are depicted in our photo gallery. Working with a calligrapher is something we can coordinate or you can work with directly, that’s up to you. All of these ladies are very accommodating and we can send samples of their work showcasing their different styles. Just let us know and we’ll make it happen!
Yes! We may work with the very best calligraphers but address lists are hard and your friends may have moved! We always add in 10% extra envelopes for this reason. It’s always a good idea to triple check your guest list before sending it off.
We send everything neatly packed and usually tied in a pretty ribbon via UPS ground with a tracking number.
We prefer a check mailed to our studio (9021 Angora Street, Dallas, Texas 75218) however will accept Paypal or credit card. Please note all credit card payments will incur a 3.5% service fee.
We’re excited to work with you! After you’ve decided you’d like to work with us, a 50% deposit of your estimate is required to see any design proofs. After your final approval, the remaining balance will be billed
Let us know your needs and timeline and we can see if your project is something we can fit into what we’ve already got on our schedule. We always like to get the job done, and want to create something amazing for you! Any rush ordered projects will incur a rush fee as you’ll be getting top priority over current clients. Something has happened, I need to cancel my order. We’re so sorry to hear that! Any orders can be canceled before final approval, however, all deposits are non-refundable. Upon final approval and final payment, orders cannot be canceled for any reason and there are no returns.


We’re a boutique design studio nestled by White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. Our creative quartet is passionate about paper, color and letterpress.

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press lady, fiscal navigator...

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A Note from Rhonda Warren:

As a child my family always made things. My mom made our clothes, she canned fruits and vegetables and my dad made all kinds of things including his own water well drilling rig, I guess I thought that was what everyone did - so I made things. Then went to college and majored in graphic design and designed things. But what I love about letterpress is that you actually make the finished product from start to finish. It's quite the sense of accomplishment. I've been honing my craft of letterpress printing on my 2 Vandercook 4 presses for more than 9 years now. The ability to produce my own designs and illustrations. paired with the 3-dimensional feel of letterpress is wonderful. I love working with brides and event planners to make a special invitation to set the tone for any special occasion.


We love letterpress! We love that we use antique presses to create things that are lovely and modern and traditional all at the same time. The press and plate work together by pushing into the paper as it lays down the ink at the same time to create the tactile feel that is letterpress. We love the inherent beautiful inconsistencies that it produces, no two pieces are exactly identical, small variations from one sheet to the next make it unique and make your invitations unique. When placing an order with us we know that you love letterpress too and accept and look forward to these small variations.


Color can be tough, in our digital world everyone’s phone, monitor, tablet and printer all produce different variation of color from the same file. We do our best to show you what your colors will look like as closely as possible. We send you pdfs via email to get the main jist of the color. But for hyper critical color we will also send you swatches of papers, and ink from our pantone book so you can see an undigitized / true version of the colors we are planning for you. And if you would like us to match a color from your wedding we would like the same from you – a real piece of paper, cloth, ribbon – whatever so we can see with our own hyper critical eyes the color. You know one person’s coral is another person’s salmon, you wouldn’t believe the color conversations we’ve had amongst ourselves trying to decide what the color should be. One of our favorite clients just decided to name her own color – grapum (grape and plum) that one was a tricky one.


Our first passion will always be creating beautiful and unique wedding invitations! We love hearing all about how you met and all the details of your wedding to get a sense of who you are. This helps us create a truly one of a kind invitation. In the Dallas area? Contact us to set up an in-person meeting. From out of town? We can hear all about you over the phone! Tell us more here.